The Cardin farm has today a structural production capacity of 4.000 Hl per year, while the actual production is of almost 3.000 Hl/year, for the different types of wines: reds (Cabernet DOC, Merlot DOC, Raboso, IM 2.15) whites (Prosecco, Pinot grigio, Verduzzo, IM 6.0.13) and rosè (Rabosino, Moscato IM 13.0.25). The 30% of the production is sold in bottles (about 95.000 bottles per year), the remaining part SFUSO, to private citizen, wine tasting shops, bars, restaurants and wine shops.



Since ever our farm sales directly its wines, so to enhance the contact between producer and consumer, and to give ever more attention to all aspects linked to welcoming and wine culture. We can organize, booking is requested, wine testings and guided tours leaded by the wine grower, to the cellar and the wineries. This is an opportunity we like to give to people that wants to know Treviso province and its typical products through places unique for their history and fascination..