La storia


It was the year 1934 when Soemi Cardin, at the age of thirteen, moved with his parents from San Biagio di Callalta to Oderzo, this to start to cultivate 14 hectares of farm land, while his cousin Pietro, same age,with his family emigrates to France searching for fortune and becoming later the famous stylist known as Pierre Cardin.

Soemi, despite his young age, understood immediately that the farm land was good for cultivating vines and soon after the second war world, in the early 50s, decided to replace the cultivations of maize and wheat with vineyards planted following the so called 'Belussi' scheme.

In 1961 Soemi was able to have his own winery and so produce and sell wine directly to customers.

Soemi Cardin make a toast with his cousin Pierre Cardin

Later, in the 80s , the old vineyards were replaced with new ones planted according to the 'spaliera' scheme and in 1986 also the cellar was built anew in what it is now the actual seat of the company. The way of working and the equipments necessary to cultivate the vineyards, to produce and refine the wines have been constantly renewed and up dated through out the years by the Cardin, this also thanks to the comparison with other wineries' working styles which in the end allowed the Cardin to improve the quality of their production and enlarge their clients portfolio.

Nowadays the work of Soemi is pursued by his sons Renzo and Mauro.

Since 2002 the work of Renzo and Mauro has been supported by their nephew Thomas, who joined them after graduating form the School of ENOLOGIA in Conegliano and who brought in the winery a further improvement in techniques of wines' production.