Vigneti dell'Azienda

Wine tank square

The vineyards area is of about 15 hectares and is located around the winery in Camino di Oderzo, this area is art of the certified DOC (Denomination of Controlled Origin) Piave area. Inside each wine it is possible to find the dedication and cures that the Cardin put in their work, but also the character of the clayey soil, rich in minerals and in iron, which gives strength to the autoctone great reds wine, such as the Raboso and the Merlot, and class to the white wines like the Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13, kind of vine that distinguish itself because of its little production, always of great quality, for its elegant bouquet and its test suspended between a light aromaticity and the fullness of spring flowers.. The cultivation and managing of the vineyards, are carried out respecting the environment and are for us of extreme importance, since the ripening and selection of grapes are basic for making wines of very good quality.

La gestione e le lavorazioni dei Vigneti, nel massimo rispetto dell'ambiente, sono per noi di estreme importanza, dato che la maturazione e la scelta delle uve sono le basi essenziali per ottenere vini di ottima qualità.