The Marca Trevigiana 'gioiosa et amorosa', shows itself in an harmony of landscapes rich in history, artistic beauties and authentic wineries jewels. Placed on the left bank of the river Piave,it is rich in soils suitable to the cultivation of vines, here we find two local wines which characterize l'enologia trevigiana: the Prosecco and the Raboso. The Prosecco of Conegliano starts its truest and documented history only after the Unity of Italy. It first spread gradually in the hills of Conegliano and later in the treviso plain. At first known for its convivial nature in the quiet version, it amplifies its seductive capacity thanks to the sparkling procedure that makes it famous beyond the border of the treviso plain. In the last ten years, the work of very good winemakers and the obstinate dedication of prepared and farseeing wine growers have exalted the freshness, the lightness and the elegance of this white wine, which have gained a stable success on the international markets. In the plain zones on the left of the river Piave the first place is owned by the Raboso: its cultivation for sure goes back to the last century. It is a wine robust and frank, which was liked for its intense color and the good rendering of the winery. Although its sharp character this wine has been for centuries, together with the Merlot, the most widespread in the plain between Conegliano and Oderzo, accompanying the history and the dishes of the people of the Piave river. In the last fifty years it has been gradually replaced with others more remunerative international wineries, only recently it has been discovered again and valued in its typicality thanks to the work of vine growers capable of softening its strong character and make it more suitable for the present liking; it can be a very good wine also when vinified as a rosè. Anyway the plain on the left bank of the river Piave has shown to be a generous soil also for other more famous international wineries such as the Pinot Grigio, the Pinot Chardonnay, the Sauvignon, the Merlot, the Cabernet Franc, and the Cabernet Sauvignon, which are also more resistant to FILOSSERA, OIDIO and PERONOSPERA and more suitable for these plains because of their quality and productivity. These kind of wineries started to be introduced after the Second World War which destroyed most of the previous ones.

Enology Schooll

.Back side of our site with view on the wineriesEstablished in 1875 it is even nowadays one of the most prestigious school of vocational training for enologi and wine growers. The School of ENOLOGIA of Conegliano have contributed to the renewal and development of the wine growing in the treviso plain. Very important it has been the School commitment to the ampelografica research and to the experimental studies leaded by teachers of undeniable charisma and capacities: one above the others the prof. Luigi Manzoni, noble-man from Agordo, distinguished botanist and expert of vines that for several years was headmasters of the School. After a long and passionate research, to which the enology has a lot to pay, he made three cross combinations between the 1924 to the 1935:

These Famus vines, which were present in the lands of the Piave since the first half of the century, are cultivated in our farm with pride; from them we get three qualities of typical and peculiar wines that enrich our production list.