Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25 IGT

Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25 IGT
  • sellcode; MOROS-01
  • Alcohol: 11.0% vol
  • Acidity: 5.10 g/l
  • Sugar: 3 %
  • Served at di 6-8°


MANZONI Rosa Moscato of the Marca Trevigiana It is a famous incrocio made by the Prof. Manzoni, a vine that pleased its author, because between all the varieties tested and produced is the more interesting: RABOSO PIAVE and MOSCATO D'AMBURGO. Even thought it keeps the characteristic of the original plant of Raboso Piave, the wine produced it is more delicate and pleasant, so to represent a good alternative.


It is a rustic vine with a medium ripeness that adapt itself to every kind of soil. The grape is compact, sufficiently big and with a cylindrical shape, quite like the Raboso, but with bigger acinus, fleshy pulp and an agreeable test of moscato. The actual production is mainly used to get a sparkling rosè wine. Its colour is pinky with orange nuance, its scent reminds the flavour of vanilla and of ripe fruits of cherry, raspberry and strawberry, with a pleasant test of moscato.


second half of september

Vinification and refining

This Raboso Moscato is made keeping the must, during the fermentation, in contact with its peels for 24 hours; then a soft pressing of the peels is made and the alcoholic fermentation completed up to the exhaustion of the sugars; all of the above operations are made at a controlled temperature.


It is delicious as aperitif, and very good with cake and pastry of our tradition.