• sellcode; RABRO-01
  • Alcohol: 11.50% vol
  • Acidity: 6.80 g/l
  • Sugar: 3.5 %
  • Served at di 10-12°


This kind of vine has been present in our land, along the Rivers Piave and Livenza for more of two centuries. Its name "Raboso" it is probably due to its acidity and might come from the dialectal expression "Rabioso", used to indicate an unripe and not pleasing fruit.


It is a vine very rustic that comes to ripeness late, with a good resistance to illnesses, that adapt itself to every kind of plain soil (stony, clayey or sandy), growing always with vigour. The grape has a cylindrical shape, with a wing, medium compactness and big with a peduncle well visible. Acinus medium, spheric a little long. The skin is of a blue-black colourcoriaceous, astringent, thick. The pulp is acidulous and not very sweet.


second half of October

Vinification and refining

It is made without contact with its peels, which gives it a pale-rosy colour, the same as its pulp; the fermentation is made at a controlled temperature for eight days, almost until the exhaustion of the sugars. It is made in tank of cement at a controlled temperature until the month of February, when it is bottled.


It has to be drank young. It is optimum as aperitif, it goes well with light starters, young cheeses, dessert and creamy pastry.